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Dot Loves Data is one of New Zealand’s leading data science firms. We build data products and our team of PhD qualified researchers provide high quality data services. We keep things smart, simple and beautiful and that is the key behind making your project a success.

We work closely with the Government, Local Government, private and not-for-profit sectors, including many Councils from the Far North to Southland District.

Understand Your Communities

We have the best understanding of New Zealand communities at a granular level. We'll help you understand how your residents are performing by providing you with data rich information about every suburb or township's demographics, unemployment, business resilience, economic strength, health, education, access to services, environment, deprivation levels, gambling and crime. 

Engage Effectively

We have rich insights about your communities and can analyse changing perceptions and needs in great detail and real time. We can help you to understand which engagements or campaigns are effective and why and we can help you target the right communities to make sure your messages are heard. 

Target Your Funding

Councils have limited funding and are required to prioritise their spending based on a community's needs. We can help you prioritise which areas should be targeted in order to improve wellbeing and make your area a better place to live, work and play. 

Improve Your Operations

We can analyse your operational data to help benchmark performance, monitor interventions, streamline your resources, provide more efficient processes, better manage risk and improve the operating performance of your organisation. 

Enhance Your Customer Experience

The customer experience of your Council services is a critical factor to your reputation and the way your organisation is viewed within the community. We use data, research and natural language processing to monitor feedback, understand how you are performing, identify where improvements need to be made and what interventions are successful. 

Develop a Data Strategy

Councils need a data strategy to ensure they are collecting and managing their data assets in a way that allows them to provide continual, quality insights to their residents and customers. Let us help you transform your messy data puddles into beautiful data lakes! We are experts at bringing together qualitative and quantitative research together to develop a data strategy. We can also provide you with insights to support operational restructuring, strategic planning and business cases.

Undertake Evaluation and Research

We have a team of PhD qualified and IDI accredited researchers. We have worked with a wide range of Government, Local Government, private and not-for-profit clients to provide insights into the work you do, monitor performance and improve the services you deliver.  We are culturally responsive and can work closely with you to deliver your aims. 

Understand and improve your regional economic resilience

We have developed a comprehensive business bureau able to track business performance in effective real time. We’ll help you understand the types of businesses that are opening and closing, whether they are growing and the strength of their directors. 

We also have access to consumer spending data on a daily basis, which we can use to analyse local spending, the level of tourism spend, the source of tourists and how your CBD, town or suburban centres are performing. 


We can work with you to develop regional economic strategies, advocate for funding support and economic development opportunities. 

Improve Your Recruitment

We work with organisations to better understand their make-up and help improve their diversity. We are able to develop a diversity index to engage with a more diverse audience that better reflects your communities.

We look forward to working with you and helping to transform the way you work. 

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Dot Loves Data builds data products and solve complex problems with data. Visit their website.

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