Eastern Bridge

With offices in New Zealand and East Asia, we are New Zealand's largest international relations management & marketing company.

From economic & business development to social well-being, our team brings together a wide range of skills across various languages and multiple disciplines. We can work with your council in four main focus areas: 

  • Economic Development

  • Community Well-being

  • International Relations Management

  • Strategic Planning

Economic Development 

Promoting economic development by engaging with migrant business communities and local entrepreneurs, while also scanning globally and leveraging off the rapid economic growth the Asian region is currently enjoying. 

  • Attract meaningful, job-creating investment and new business 

  • Develop platforms to facilitate trade for your business community 

  • Promotion of your community for international students and tourists 

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Community Wellbeing

  • Engaging with your migrant communities to ensure they are welcome, feel safe and reach their full potential 

  • Providing language support services for your migrant communities 

  • Sharing local news and community updates in a range of Asian languages 

  • Creating opportunities for young people to gain a better understanding of Asia 

International Relations Management 

We provide you with an outsourced international relations department. This service is highly customisable to support your needs. Our service is especially popular for clients who want to commercialise and actively manage their existing international relationships or develop new ones. We can help you to:

  • Become a welcoming community for Asian migrants and business people 

  • Promote their areas to Asian visitors and international students 

  • Attract investment and new business 

  • Enhance your skills through capability training and workshops 


Since 2016, we have run nation-wide surveys of migrant communities. 

Through this we have gained an in-depth knowledge of the often overlooked and dismissed Asian communities. 

We also learnt that few councils are truly "Asia Ready." Migrants have told us that their number one concern is the constant frustration of being unable to access information about living in New Zealand in their own language.

Hongi solves this problem. Your council can communicate with your migrant communities in their own languages. And, your council can showcase your cities, towns and districts to visitors, international students, investors and skilled workers.


What is Hongi? 

Hongi is a multi-lingual online news, information and e-commerce portal designed to support your Council engagement with migrant communities. Hongi can also market your city, region or district, promote your business community and create economic development opportunities to an international Asian audience of 2 billion people.

To find out more about the Eastern Bridge offering for councils, email: simon@easternbridge.co.nz