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CouncilMARK™ - Far North District Council Case Study

This webinar will cover the Far North District Council's (FNDC) continuous improvement efforts, and all it has done in its pursuit of excellence.


CouncilMARK™ What have we learned so far?

This webinar will explore the key themes that have emerged out of the CouncilMARK™ Programme from assessments to date, identifying the overall strengths and areas for improvement of the sector.


Quality Reports

A webinar on the essentials of quality reports to help you make sound legal decisions for your community.


Revised Standard Safety Intervention Toolkit

This webinar covers updated cost ranges and impacts on economic analysis, provides better understanding of the current challenges in the sector, and ensures alignment with Road to Zero, and the Safe System principles.


Spatial Planning, is it enough? - An Interactive Sympsosium

The purpose of the symposium is to know what the SPA means for your planning functions and land use throughout New Zealand.