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    The Association of Local Government Information Management Inc provides leadership to local government in information management and information processes, and is a voice for local government information management.

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    The New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers is local government's professional management organisation that builds capability and promotes work excellence among local government managers.

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    The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia is an incorporated society that exists to uphold and improve the status of engineering and management of public assets in New Zealand.

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    Civic Assurance is New Zealand's specialist provider of insurance, mutual funding and risk financing for local government and public sector organisations.

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    The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs is a nationwide network of mayors working on the issues of work and livelihood in their communities. It focuses on youth employment and engagement in local communities.

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    The Local Government Commission is responsible for determining a range of matters related to the organisation of local government. 

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    The Office of the Controller and Auditor-General provides independent assurance that public sector organisations, including local authorities, are operating in accordance with Parliament's intentions.

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    The Auditor-General regularly publishes guidance for local authority members about how to comply with the Local Government Act. Check out this guidance for members of local authorities about the law on conflicts of interest.

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    The National Asset Management Steering Group is a non-profit industry organisation established to promote asset management through the development of best practice guidelines and training.

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    An Ombudsman's primary role is to independently investigate administrative acts and decisions of central and local government departments and organisations that affect someone in a personal capacity.

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    The Office of the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment was established by the Environment Act 1986.  The Commissioner is appointed by the Governor-General on the recommendation of Parliament.

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    In 2001 Parliament transferred the authority for setting elected members' remuneration from the Minister of Local Government to the Remuneration Authority (previously the Higher Salaries Commission).  

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