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    The Association of Local Government Information Management Inc provides leadership to local government in information management and information processes, and is a voice for local government information management.

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    The New Zealand Society of Local Government Managers is local government's professional management organisation that builds capability and promotes work excellence among local government managers.

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    The Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia is an incorporated society that exists to uphold and improve the status of engineering and management of public assets in New Zealand.

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    Civic Assurance is New Zealand's specialist provider of insurance, mutual funding and risk financing for local government and public sector organisations.

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    The Local Government Commission is responsible for determining a range of matters related to the organisation of local government. 

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    The Office of the Controller and Auditor-General provides independent assurance that public sector organisations, including local authorities, are operating in accordance with Parliament's intentions.

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    The National Asset Management Steering Group is a non-profit industry organisation established to promote asset management through the development of best practice guidelines and training.

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    An Ombudsman's primary role is to independently investigate administrative acts and decisions of central and local government departments and organisations that affect someone in a personal capacity.

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