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DLC Reflection and Future Planning (workshop)

Medical Officer

of Health

The best thing was having an independent facilitator. He really helped to open up conversations and reach agreements.

Allen L,

DLC Member

Provides a forum to practice and build action plans

for effective collaborations

in the future.

Vai Miller,

DLC Secretary

Good opportunity to reflect on the purpose for a DLC and to learn what others do and what resources are available.


Alcohol Licensing Inspector

The application process, DLC collaboration, licensing criteria, and discussion about special licences were most useful.

Neil Adams,

Compliance Officer

It is so useful to create a forum for detailed meetings between agencies. The independent facilitator was precious.

Mike Hopper,

DLC Member

The interactions around the table were very helpful. Would absolutely recommend this workshop to others.

Martin Macmaster,

DHB-delegated officer

I really liked the fact there was good discussion around collaboration and ongoing structures. 

Murray Kidd,

DLC Member

There are so many fish hooks and holes that were filled in, leading to understanding and great collaboration. 

Elected Member Induction (workshop)

Waru Panapa,

Rangitikei DC

I found the discussion around governance scenarios was really handy. Would definitely recommend.

Teri O'Neill,

Wellington CC

The 'tick checking' highlighted a lot of my gaps in knowledge. The workshop was very informative and robust.

Susie Williams-Dobson, Palmerston North CC

Loved the humour and quick quips. I really enjoyed networking with other committee secretaries & governance people.

Brian Carter,

Rangitikei DC

The whole day was very interesting. I would recommend to others and would come again myself.

Rabbit Nottage, 

Ruapehu DC

Meeting new councillors from neighouring districts was so useful.

Tracey Hiroa, 

Rangitikei DC

It was amazing listening and being able to interact with other new councillors. Would absolutely recommend. 

Fi Dalgety,

Rangitikei DC

The session on Standing Orders was really handy. It was great to network and exchange real stories.


I really liked the part where we were encouraged through the workbook to do reflections specific to our councils or ourselves personally.

Mayors' Induction

Phil Nixon,

South Taranaki DC

It was all great for a new mayor. Very interesting range of sessions that were well run. Good amount of question time. 

Jim Mylchreest,

Waipā DC

A great day. As a returning mayor, the opportunity to newtork and meet newly elected mayors was superb.

Grant Smith,

Palmerston North CC

Great having Richard (Kempthorne) presenting. Excellent presentations, especially civil defence. Very worthwhile.

Dan Gordon,

Waimakariri DC

Very well organised and of a very high standard. Thanks LGNZ and EQUIP.

Rehette Stoltz, 

Gisborne DC

I learned heaps! This workshop is absolutely essential for new mayors!

Kirsten Wise,

Napier CC

Found the whole workshop very informative. Of particular value was the networking opportunities and connecting with other mayors.

Andrew Iles,

Whakatane DC

Certainly recommend this. As a deputy mayor, I was very grateful for the inclusion in this forum.

Andy Watson,

Rangitikei DC

Absolutely recommend. The session on media and the one on civil defence were the highlights of the two days.

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